Compatible with PC1864/1832/1616 control panels (v4.1 and higher)
Back up and primary GPRS alarm communication
Panel remote uploading/downloading support via GPRS
Supervision heartbeats via GPRS
128-bit AES encryption via GPRS
Full event reporting
SIA protocol
SIM Card (included)
Remote activating and programming through C24 Communications
Quad-Band: 850 MHz, 1900 MHz, 900 MHz and 1800 MHz
Compatible with Sur-Gard System I/II/III/IV monitoring station receivers
UL standard & encrypted line security
ULC passive or active line security levels
Antenna Extension Kits available: ANT-15Q, ANT-25Q, ANT-50Q
Signal strength and trouble display
Contact ID protocol (with PowerSeries firmware v4.5 and communicator v1.1 or higher)
PC-Link connection
NEW GS2060-SM model includes RS-422 interface for connection of the C24-HUB


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